Create a light fixture/ souvenir that embodies the Canadian Identity within its design.


How might we design a whimsical light fixture for tourists that embodies the identity and spirit of Canada while fitting the constraints of size and transportability?  


This process involved research on Canadian identity, sketching, iterative prototyping, storyboarding, packaging and a final presentation booklet.


Bosk is a night lamp that captures the essence of the Canadian camping experience and the open clearing in the sky at night. This gazing experience is one that is calming and soothing, one that makes you feel one with nature.  

My Contribution

This project was done in collaboration with Alexander Burton. We wanted to explore this concept in the form of a night lamp that uses laser cutouts to project this atmosphere. In this project, I contributed to research, story development, ideation, prototyping and packaging. I gave input on the design of the lasercut file as well as assembled the lamp and created the file for the base of the lamp. 

Toolkit: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, lasercutting, Belt Sander, wirecutter, spray adhesive

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