Design and pitch your own unique trend to a brand.


Through analysis of current consumer trends it is evident that health and wellness as a theme is growing. Music wellness is increasing in popularity as well as circadian health. We took these two trends and created our new trend Cyquency and adapted it for the company Bang & Olufsen.


The bulk of the project consisted of detailed research of existing trends and brands. Starting off with multiple trends, we then narrowed down the most promising to move forward with. By creating frameworks, diagrams and conceptualizing ideas, we created a full pitch and report as to why Bang & Olufsen should implement our trend.


Our proposal was BeoRest, an evolving sound and light system targeted towards Bang & Olufsen's existing target market in Asia. BeoRest uses AI and machine learning to personalize soundscapes and light to promote balance, clarity and focus to users with busy lifestyles. We provide designs that can be implemented within 2,8, and 20 years into the future.

My Role

In this team project with 5 industrial designers, I co-led and oversaw everything with my partner Willem. I dove deeper into strategic foresight, trend forecasting and conceptualizing opportunities for the future market. In this I created a series of demographics, personas, conceptual frameworks, generative questions and competitive analysis as well as created each design layout individually. 

Tool Kit: Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, strategic foresight, trend forecasting , building frameworks, competitive landscape

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