Hinge Connect

Create a design that addresses and solves a health related issue brought on by Covid-19.


Covid-19 has caused an array of disruptions to how humans interact. Within the realm of dating, users are left feeling disconnected and confused on how to engage in intimate experience. How might we foster virtual connection and intimacy over a screen in order to better gauge attraction and build meaningful interaction?


In the beginning of my project I explored intimacy and connection on a larger scale involving long distance relationships. Through environmental scans and literature reviews I then looked further into virtual online dating. I conducted multiple interviews to get more insight from first hand online dating users. I then was able to conduct usability testing with my final prototype.


Hinge Connect is a choose-your-own-adventure game, where players are asked to make decisions together that reflect deeply on their personal values, personalities and beliefs. This auditory game is narrated by an AI with added sound design. Each chapter of the game prompts questions that further grows virtual intimacy.  Users also receive compatibility scores/results that better help them gauge attraction as well as strengthen Hinge's matching algorithm. 

Using Pexel's free video footage, I pieced together a narrative and pitch for my design, Hinge Connect.

Final Prototype 

This is a recorded walkthrough of the final prototype. I was unable to capture the audio/ music portion in this video.

Tool Kit: Indesign, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, Storyboarding, Journey Mapping, Competitive Landscape, Prototyping, User Testing  

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