Design a table that reflects upon our role in the Anthropocene.

The Concept

Tenso explores the intersection between primitive techniques of weaving and the industrialization of craft. There are elements of tension and play between the two materials in the way that they intersect and move. Through interaction with the side table, users must pause and reflect on their choices.

The Process

After developing a concept, I started sketching and exploring various forms on paper. It was important for me that the design embodied minimalism with a flare of fun and whimsicality. A balance of form and function. 

3D Modelling

After coming up with several sketches I took my ideas from paper and transferred them into 3D models on Rhino. Here I made refined decisions on material, size and other detailed specs


With my spec sheet and bill of materials I began to piece together my design in the shop. Here I used various machines such as the jointer, planertable saw, bandsaw, biscuit jointer, sewing machine, hand router, chisel, and more. Measurements needed to be precise and I was challenged to work around imperfections and create makeshift jigs to achieve unique cuts and glue ups. After sanding, I added 3 coats of polyurethane for a natural finish. 

Using Format