The Helpful Canadian

Design a souvenir that encapsulates the Canadian Identity.


How might we design a souvenir that embodies the identity and spirit of Canada for tourists in order to spark humour and playfulness while still maintaining functionality?


Through research of Canadian identity, ideation and storyboarding we then moved onto physical prototyping. This included the construction, painting and packaging of the product. 


The Helpful Canadian is based off of the idea as that Canadians are selfless people that will go out of there way to help you. This concept was further transformed into a small wooden figure that can both open beer and wine bottles. This product is both functional and a great conversational peice.

My Contribution

This was a group project that I did in collaboration with Willem Tauveron and James Palmer. In my contribution to this project, I created the layout of the presentation, did research and brainstorming as well as ideations. I created prototypes and packaging for the product and collaborated on the decision making of its identity and story. In the creation of the final product I helped with the orthographic and sizing details as well as the painting/ finishings.

Tool Kit: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator , Lightroom

Using Format