Kōto Kabe

Design a Coat Stand that is beautiful, functionable and useable, using only two materials.


How might we playfully design a coat stand for young adults living in studios and condos in order to best make use of limited space in a multi-functional way?


Throughout my process I made several drawings, 3d renders, and scaled prototypes of various materials. I then decided to combine a coat stand with a room divider. I chose Muji for my pitch as they focus heavily on minimalism and small spaces and are an affordable option for young adults.


In the end I designed Kōto Kabe, a coat stand/room divider that uses the hanging of clothing to separate spaces. In order to efficiently make use of the limited space, Kōto Kabe is a flat packed design that can be easily stored away. It acts as a dual function to best make use of its environment.

Adjustable in length.

Fully flat-packed design.

Tool Kit: bandsaw, metal lathe, disk sander, tablesaw, jointer, planer, router, drill press, hand drill, Rhinoceros, Photoshop, InDesign, camera, Lightroom

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