E-Learning Design

Mayn is an educational learning platform (startup) that helps kids develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in life by offering small group online classes that focus on skills, wellness and foundational academics. As a leading designer, I wear many hats that require me to oversee important decisions as well as work hands-on throughout the design process. 

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The Goal 

Design engaging and interactive courses for a range of students with various learning styles.

The Opportunity

Mayn addresses the knowledge gaps that can appear in the classroom and tackle the subjects that the curriculum doesn’t adequately cover to provide a well-rounded education

The Process

In a small interdisciplinary team, I regularly meet with the founders and other designers to drive the course content. Much of my role requires me to work independently and think at various scales. It is important for me to gain feedback and collaborate with stakeholders. 

My Role

Due to confidentiality, I am unable to share the entirety of my work/contributions however my role focuses on: 

  • Course structuring/format
  • Copywriting
  • Market and academic research
  • Asset development including Illustrations, graphic design, and data visualization
  • Storytelling and narrative development 
  • Organizing workflow and assigning tasks to other designers, teachers, and collaborators
  • Assisting in marketing research and planning
  • Preparing and designing user testing sessions

The Courses

Good Feels Lab

Good Feels Lab is a wellness course designed to help students explore, better understand, and regulate their feelings and emotions. It was important that the visual language encouraged students to feel calm, have fun and feel motivated to share and participate. This lead to the design of characters that are ambiguous and fictional. Mental health can be a difficult topic for students to discuss, by using soft colours and humour in the visual design, it lightens the heavy subject matter.

Each course includes a framework. Good Feels Lab uses a 4 step approach in helping students understand their emotions that follow the main character Milo and Milo's friends through different scenarios. By using this approach, information is chunked into digestible and easy-to-follow content. 

Illustration Examples

Math Band Jam

Math Band Jam is an academic math course that provides students with the foundations of the four main operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Math can be a difficult subject matter for students. It was important to design the course around various learning styles and perspectives. The story follows a band of 4 students who all have unique learning styles. Due to wider/ older age group, the characters are edgier and more mature than that of Good Feels Lab.

Math Band Jam uses a framework that offers methods and examples for different learning styles. This includes visual learning styles, team/group based activities, real-world examples, and traditional/ logical methods. 

Illustration Examples

Young Money Minders

Young Money Minders is a course designed to educate students on all things finance and money. Students follow Rachel & Ben. Rachel is frugal and responsible with her money. She is a mentor to Ben, who is very impulsive with his money. Their dynamic is used to engage students in conversation and explore finances through different lenses.

Young Money Minders uses a framework that connects the 4 main elements of money including earning, spending, saving and sharing. Throughout the course this relationship is further explained.

Illustration Examples

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