Create a service/product/experience that improves the experience of living with cancer.


Toxic masculinity affects how male caregivers in the cancer community feel comfortable opening up and talking about their emotions. Because of this they are prone to emotional neglect, loneliness and a sense of isolation from support and belonging.


In this group project in collaboration with Begum Dawlatyan, I collected extensive research and went through multiple iterations of brainstorming and mapping to best understand Caregivers' needs. Through this process I was able to evaluate and prioritize their needs.


In the end, I created the UX/UI of the app CareConnect, which solves for the impacts that toxic masculinity has on male caregivers in reaching out for support and showing vulnerability. This is done by providing them a safe space to ease into the transition of opening up at their own pace.

Why is This Important? 

Community and support is important to vent and release bottled up emotions. Users cannot hold all this weight by themselves, by reaching out for help they can make sure they are healthy which in effect will benefit their loved one.

Lack of resources for support and connection causes mental and emotional strain which affects their quality of life and wellbeing.

Chaotic information layouts makes it difficult for caregivers to find the resources they truly need. To avoid users from giving up, we can simplify and narrow down answers to reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm.

Working Prototype

● Find your community: Personalized to fit your interests and needs. 

● Hobbies & Interests: Non cancer related topics can be a gateway to new connections.

● Private Chat: Expert Chatbot allows for comfortable space to open up.

 Anonymous Browsing: If users want to get a feel for the community, they can browse public support groups for advice and experiences anonymously. (click on incognito symbol at the top right corner of your profile to activate)

Process Work

These are a few examples of the research and brainstorming I conducted in this project. These specific examples include thematic analysis, user persona, iceberg model, empathy map and a problem/objective diagram.

Process: Diagramming included User Personas, user journey maps, idea prioritization, empathy map, objective/problem tree, thematic analysis, and iceberg model

Using Format