The Observatory

Create a lasercut luminary device

The Design

My luminary device is a table top lamp created for indoor living spaces that creates a soft warm glow for the night time. My main inspiration for this lamp was Scandinavian design, encompassing cleanliness, simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The LED light shines out everywhere from the lamp and highlights and contrast the array of plywood. The legs are made of oak, giving it a richer and darker tone and highlighting the lighter plywood.

My Process

The pattern of my lamp is arrayed uniformly around a small circle that contains an LED light spiralled in the centre and connected to an adapter. Its legs are hand carved on the lathe to a point, adding fragility and height, resembling an observatory. The arrayed pieces are made of 1/8th inch plywood which were sanded down to remove burn marks and coated in a clear verathane  to bring out the natural colour of the wood and the legs. In my lasercut file I added slits in each piece so that they would nicely fit into the ring in place.

Using Format